MyEDT Driving School's New Pricing Incentives Highlight Differences Among Driving Schools

16/06/2014 15:41

If you have driving test goals, MyEDT Driving School can help you with them with their special incentive program. With this new program, students can learn quicker and easier to finally get their required driving certificate. This serves not only to assist students with their goals, but also to separate MyEDT Driving School from other driving schools in Dublin.

Part one of the new incentive structure involves the very necessary and helpful driving test routes, which are now offered for free when students book 5 or more lessons. It's smart to take a drive on the routes beforehand, so you know what you're getting yourself into on the actual test. It's hard to find a better deal out there: if a student is getting a 5 lesson package already, they get the free driving routes as well as top notch driving lessons. Students in the past had to choose if they wanted to spend the extra money on the test routes; now that they are free, students can take advantage of this vital offering for no cost. The test routes are still offered as a standalone option, but this is the first time they have been offered as a free addon to the basic package.

The change came about when MyEDT Driving School's curriculum designers observed that knowing the test routes was a major factor in determining whether or not their students passed the driving test. People buying driving lessons are often on a budget, so by charging money for the test routes, many students would pass on the opportunity. Not so any longer with the introduction of the incentive. The owners of the driving school want all of their students to pass the test - since they saw the test routes as so valuable, it only made sense to offer them for free.

While it's still a business, MyEDT Driving School is focused on producing proficient drivers, not just getting as many students in and out of the door as possible. Driving on the motorway can be nervewracking, so any student that passes the driving test is eligible for a free lesson on it. MyEDT Driving School is focused on creating proficient drivers, not mediocre drivers who barely passed the test. These free lessons show that the school actually stands by what it says. Students come back for the motorway lesson at no cost, the school knows it's done its job and stood behind its philosophy, and the roads become safer with more knowledgeable drivers.

The third and final price discount is 12 EDT lessons for 299 euro. The owners of the school want everyone to succeed, so they brought the price down to help students become good drivers. Fact: the more driving lessons students have, the better drivers they will be once they get on the road. Unlike most education, driving classes help the student stay safe for their entire lives. More schooling means safer drivers, which is congruent with the goals of the school.

Everyone wants to pass their driving test, but these affordable pricing discounts allow students to also be good drivers. Your money goes a long way through affordable andtop notch driving services. It's easy to open up a driving school; it's not easy to match the value that MyEDT Driving School offers. Not only are their prices better, but the MyEDT Driving School beats the competition in general knowledge and reliability every single time.

Don't just pick any driving school - pick MyEDT Driving School. They have experienced instructors, affordable prices, and most importantly, a genuine interest in making the student the best driver possible.